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Patient Testimonials

We believe in providing the best care possible.  We invite you to read testimonials from a few of our patients.  In order to respect the privacy of our patients we list dates of care instead of names. We feel fortunate to have received these reflections from our patients about how Dr. Pinkerton has helped them. Click here to read some of our favorites.

Statement of Opioid Medication Management

Pain is a very personal journey that can seem hopeless at times.  Dr. Pinkerton wealth of knowledge and experience can give patients a glimpse of hope.  We help patients by empowering them with the knowledge of how to manage their pain through a host of different tools–healing instead of masking pain.  Dr. Pinkerton is well versed in therapeutic injections, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma.  However, we understand there are patients who seek different forms of treatment.  We believe strongly that medications sometimes have a place in pain management but due to the danger of addiction and dependency,  we work with patients to reduce or eliminate narcotics with forms of treatment to help them manage pain.  If you would like more information please call 913-981-0830.  Dr. Pinkerton will discuss our philosophy on opioids at your first visit, please note we do not prescribe medications at the first visit. 

Conditions Treated

Many factors can cause pain.  Doctor Pinkerton has treated pain for over two decades and has vast knowledge and experience. The majority of conditions treated by Dr. Pinkerton are listed here, If you would like to learn more about treatment options please contact us or visit the continuing education portion of the Patient Resource tab. 

Procedures and Interventions

Procedures and interventions are non-surgical solutions that can keep you from surgery or postpone the need for surgery.  Dr. Pinkerton utilizes these methods in order to help patients cope with chronic pain or injuries without becoming dependent on pain medications. Please click here for more information on some of the Procedures and Interventions offered. 

Patient Documents and Instructions

Please click on the links below to view specific information regarding new patient visits, surgical center locations, and procedure guidelines.  If you have additional questions please contact us.

New Patient Paperwork

Surgical Center Locations

Pre and Post Procedure Instructions

Release of Information


Patient Education

The best defense against pain is education.  This tab includes resources such as articles and the Doctor’s Desk Blog.  These tools can answer some of your questions and aid in researching treatment options. We believe the road to health is in empowering our patients. Click here out medically vetted articles and information in our continuing Patient Education tab.