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Pain Management

Pain management is a medical specialty that is closely related to orthopedic medicine. A pain management doctor, like Dr. Mark Pinkerton in Kansas City, is a board-certified physician (typically an anesthesiologist) with a subspecialty certification in pain management. To earn this certification, advanced training, such as a fellowship in pain medicine, is required. The training prepares the physician to adequately address pain caused by illness or injury. 

Dr. Pinkerton’s goals for patients include:

  • Identify and treat the underlying cause of pain
  • Reduce and manage the intensity, frequency, and duration of pain
  • Gradually increase activity level after pain is under control
  • Empower patients to self-manage pain at home in a healthy way
  • Educate patients on the risk of dependency on pain medication
  • Offer treatment without pain medication, like pain cream and pain patches
  • Conduct routine urinalysis and blood testing to ensure safe pain treatment

Dr. Pinkerton knows how pain can impact every aspect of your life, so he will listen to your concerns and explain everything before treatment begins. In the Kansas City area, Dr. Pinkerton is known for his knowledge, concern, and empathy.

Many patients (and doctors) are not aware of the treatment options a pain management doctor can offer. Pain treatment can provide immediate relief as well as long-term management of pain. The goal of treatment is to promote natural healing where possible and relieve pain that is keeping you from enjoying life.

Pain Treatments

Dr. Pinkerton specializes in BOTOX for migraines, PRP therapy, and interventional spine procedures and therapeutic injections. Your treatment plan may also include pain cream, pain patches, and physical therapy.

PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentration of your own blood platelets. Platelets are first responders in healing wounds, soft tissue injuries, and fractures. The healing power of stem cells is activated by platelets. An injection of PRP can accelerate pain relief and heal soft tissue conditions resulting from sports injuries. PRP therapy is an effective alternative to surgery for anyone who may be avoiding surgery due age, health, or other concerns.

Therapeutic Injections

Therapeutic injections are a conservative and highly effective way to get lasting relief for muscle, joint, nerve, and radiating pain without surgery.

A combination of local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication is injected at the source of your pain. You’ll feel better immediately, and the medication will keep your pain at bay for several weeks or months (individual results vary).

Nerve blocks not only get rid of pain instantly, but help the doctor pinpoint the exact source of pain and consider further treatment options. 

Interventional Spine Procedures

For more serious spine conditions, an interventional procedure may be considered. These procedures are minimally invasive and most are non-surgical. Dr. Pinkerton may combine an interventional procedure with a series of therapeutic injections to provide the most relief. For your convenience, interventional spine procedures are done at several area hospitals and surgery centers.

At Pinkerton Pain Therapy, we will work with your referring physician to get you back to work and family activities as soon as possible. We know that pain can be emotional and spiritual as well as physical, and we will strive to treat all the elements of your pain.

Take advantage of Dr. Pinkerton’s expertise. Call Pinkerton Pain Therapy in Kansas City for an appointment today or request an appointment online.