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Conditions Treated

In Kansas City, Pinkerton Pain Therapy is your connection to the latest, most effective pain treatments. Kansas City pain management specialist Dr. Mark Pinkerton treats a variety of pain conditions, including headaches and migraines, sports injuries, and all kinds of back and neck pain. Our pain treatments are non-surgical solutions that can keep you out of surgery or postpone the need for surgery. In addition, we can teach you how to cope with chronic pain or injuries without becoming dependent on pain meds. 

Many conditions can cause pain. Some of the most common conditions treated by Dr. Pinkerton are listed below. To learn about treatment options, read our information on pain management and headache treatment


Sports Injuries

Back Pain/Neck Pain

Other Types of Pain

Seeking treatment for pain is the best way to manage your condition, whether it is an injury that needs immediate attention or an illness that requires ongoing pain management. Talk to Dr. Pinkerton today about your options for healthy pain management in Kansas City at Pinkerton Pain Therapy. Call (913) 981-0830 for an appointment or use our online appointment request form.